Cloud infrastructure

Building your application infrastructure in the cloud can be quite challenging at first: Which cloud to use? How to set it up? How does it scale? What does it cost? All those questions and more come to mind when moving to the cloud.

Many companies just jump in and find out the hard way by spending too much time, resources and money to figure out what works best for them. Are you ready for the cloud? Our team at has it covered with years of experience developing and delivering cloud infrastructure as code on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure and many more cloud providers. We build awesome cloud infrastructures using the latest technologies and design concepts and we create a solution that fits your needs. Our philosophy is to build everything as code, auto scalable and self healing.

 Continuous Integration and Deployment

Our team at automates all the steps to get your applications running in the cloud.

Setting up continuous integration and deployments pipelines using the best tools available. We automate builds and provide quality control by configuring automated tests, vulnerability scans, code linting. And we provide speed by automating deployments onto your cloud infrastructure. No more manual code deployments and nerve wrecking go live nights hoping for the best. We design, deliver and maintain the best solution for each use case.


Technology is all great but what about the people? We build a DevOps culture by bringing people and teams closer together, optimizing communication and streamlining workflows.

The team at works as a carrier for the DevOps culture, and we like to share this with our clients to inspire them excel in their work. You build it. You run it. You own it! That is how we feel about our solutions. We are happy to enable your developers by showing them the way forward and to provide them with the best cloud infrastructure and continuous integration and deployment solutions we can design so they can do what they love the most: write code. By automating every step that is required from git to production the developers feel responsible for their product which results in improved deployment frequency, a faster time to market, lower failure rate of new releases and shorter lead time between releases.